Commit 63da872a authored by Alberto Garcia's avatar Alberto Garcia Committed by Alberto
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Add lj_projs and j support to ion xml files

parent fed98277
......@@ -1053,6 +1053,11 @@
call xml_dump_element(lun,'norbs_nl',str(spp%n_orbnl))
call xml_dump_element(lun,'lmax_projs',str(spp%lmax_projs))
call xml_dump_element(lun,'nprojs_nl',str(spp%n_pjnl))
if (spp%lj_projs) then
call xml_dump_element(lun,'lj_projs','true')
call xml_dump_element(lun,'lj_projs','false')
write(lun,'(a)') '<preamble>'
call write_basis_specs(lun,is)
......@@ -1087,6 +1092,9 @@
do i=1,spp%n_pjnl
write(lun,'(a)') "<projector "
call xml_dump_attribute(lun,'l',str(spp%pjnl_l(i)))
if (spp%lj_projs) then
call xml_dump_attribute(lun,'j',str(spp%pjnl_j(i)))
call xml_dump_attribute(lun,'n',str(spp%pjnl_n(i)))
call xml_dump_attribute(lun,'ref_energy',
$ str(spp%pjnl_ekb(i)))
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