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git: added compilation issue template

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Summarize the bug encountered concisely. Try to use also a
descriptive title for the issue.
**Code version:**
Please provide which siesta version you used.
E.g. 4.0 or 4.1 or if you use a git-commit, please provide
the git hash.
This is vital since some bugs are already fixed in the development
Siesta prints the version number at the top of any output, or in the file.
**System information:**
Please provide:
- which operating system and version
- which compiler and version used
- which libraries and versions used
- the arch.make file.
- clarify whether the bug happens in serial or parallel runs
Ideally you should check this using two different compilers to ensure this
is not compiler/platform bugs.
**Compilation output:**
Is it when compiling Siesta or any of its utilities.
Either attach here, use gist's or pastebin.
**Possible fixes**
If you have any idea how to fix this, please do not hesitate to help us out!
Code, links etc. are very welcome!
/label ~Bug
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