Commit 38405725 authored by Nick R. Papior's avatar Nick R. Papior
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mnt: minor fixes for the

parent c3221bec
......@@ -197,18 +197,25 @@ if [ $_head -eq 1 ]; then
# Get default output file (siesta-<>.tar.gz)
if [ -z "$_out" ]; then
# Extract the release date for the tag
# Have to do this while in a git repository
_date=$(date -d "$(git log -n1 --format='%ci' $_tag)" +"%B %d, %Y")
echo "Chosen release tag is: $_tag"
echo "Creating out file: $_out.tar.gz"
echo "Release date: $_date"
echo ""
echo "Waiting 1 second before creating release... (Ctrl^C kills the sequence)"
sleep 1
......@@ -262,17 +269,15 @@ pushd $_reldir
pushd $_out
# Update the file
printf "%s" "$_tag" >
printf "%s" "${_tag_no_v}" >
# Create documentation
pushd Docs
# Update manual information that is version/date dependent
# Here we select the date of the tag which is the appropriate thing.
_date=$(date -d "$(git log -n1 --format="%ci" v4.1-b2)" +"%B %d, %Y")
sed -s -i -e "s/\\date{.*}/\\date{$_date}/" siesta.tex tbtrans.tex
# Version tags in the pdf-title
sed -s -i -e "s/\\providecommand\\softwareversion{.*}/\\providecommand\\softwareversion{$_tag}/" siesta.tex tbtrans.tex
sed -s -i -e "s/\\providecommand\\softwareversion{.*}/\\providecommand\\softwareversion{$_tag_no_v}/" siesta.tex tbtrans.tex
# First create the screen variants...
make final-screen
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