Commit 329acc63 authored by Jonas Šukys's avatar Jonas Šukys 💬

Bugfix in fitscores plot.

parent 02a7b515
......@@ -1463,7 +1463,7 @@ class MatPlotLib (object):
# pylab.gca().ticklabel_format (axis='x', style='sci', scilimits=(-2, 2))
# else:
self.line_and_range (self.indices, lower, -fitscore, upper, logy=True, merged=0, linewidth=2, color=palette ['fitscore'])
self.line_and_range (self.indices, -lower, -fitscore, -upper, logy=True, merged=0, linewidth=2, color=palette ['fitscore'])
# pylab.plot (self.indices, fitscore, linewidth=2, color=palette ['fitscore'], alpha=0.9)
pylab.ylabel ("negative fitscore")
pylab.axhline (threshold, color='forestgreen', linestyle='--', lw=5, alpha=0.9)
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