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    implement separation of associated contributions and their inclusion in the on-the-fly reweighting · de7776b8
    Marek Schoenherr authored
    - associated contributions have the following specifiers, and are assumend to have LO alpha-s and PDF dependences
      EW  - approx. EW corrections, same QCD order as Born of requested process
      LO1 - subleading Born contributions, one QCD order less than Born of requested process
      LO2 - subsubleading Born contributions, two QCD orders less than Born of requested process
      LO3 - subsubsubleading Born contributions, three QCD orders less than Born of requested process
    - associated contributions specified for each process by
      Process x y -> z1 z2 ..;
      Associated_Contributions <List of associated contribs to include>;
      End process;
      -> this only works in NLO calcs as associated contributions are requested from loop generator
      -> currently only implemented in OpenLoops interface
    - associated contribs not added to nominal event weight
    - included in on-the-fly reweighting under the above assumptions of their transformation,
      specified as fourth argument in variation specification
      -> VARIATIONS <mur-fac>,<muf-fac>,<pdf-id>,<addional-associated-contribution>
         uses the same specification as above, eg. EW, EW+LO1, EW+LO1+LO2, ...
      -> ASSOCIATED_CONTRIBUTIONS_VARIATIONS <list of additional associated contributions>
         introduced as short hand for simply adding the additional associated contributions to
         the nominal event weight, e.g. identical to specifying variations 1.,1.,<def-PDF>,<associated-contrib-1>
         1.,1.,<def-PDF>,<associated-contrib-2> 1.,1.,<def-PDF>,<associated-contrib-3> ...
    - add option (maybe default) to include all requested associated contribs in nominal value
    - perform variations around this nominal value
    - additional variations removing requested associated contribs from nominal value
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