1. 24 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Rewrite settings input using YAML · eb96f45c
      Enrico Bothmann authored
      This commit closes #10.
      - Replace custom configuration parsing and format with a YAML-based
      - Improve implementation of settings handling to enable features such
        - Generally only specify defaults once in the code, not scattered
          throughout with possibly different values
        - Print comprehensive report of values used for each setting at the
          end of a run
        - Warn when a setting is specified that is not used during a run (this
          is foreseen and now possible, but not implemented yet)
      NOTE: This is a squashed commit to keep the commit history of master
      simple. The full history of the development branch will be retained as
      10-rewrite-settings-input+commit-history in case it is needed, e.g. to
      find a (small) changeset that introduced a bug using git-bisect.
      A good example for new syntax is:
      The command line can process words using the YAML syntax, but also
      supports the old legacy syntax, at least for scalar settings.
      In the code, setting default settings and getting the resolved value
      for a setting can be done e.g. as follows:
      auto hds = Settings::GetMainSettings()["HARD_DECAYS"];
      const auto apply_br
        = hds["Apply_Branching_Ratios"].SetDefault(true).Get<bool>();
      Note also that Sherpa can now process several configuration files:
      `Sherpa "RUNDATA: [1.yaml, 2.yaml, ...]"`, with settings in files to the
      right taking precedence over settings in files to the left. This can be
      useful for specifying base set-ups and then deriving specialisations.
      A more detailed discussion of the new settings architecture is given
      (accessing this link might require developer access to the repository).
      Lastly, note that physics results are guaranteed to stay the same after
      this commit. If you find that to be not true, please contact me. When
      soft physics is used, numerics sometimes causes the statistics not to be
      the same after this commit. However, I've got some patches to mitigate
      this to some degree. So in any case, contact me if you find differences
      between results generated with this commit and the preceding one.
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      Rename remaining "SM+EHC"->"SMEHC" · 0c6f2c43
      Enrico Bothmann authored
      The model name is SMEHC, but in some rarely used files, the ancient form
      "SM+EHC" was still used. Also delete obsolete MURFVARIATIONS run card
      settings in the NLO QCD pph examples.
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