Commit e00869f8 authored by Marek Schoenherr's avatar Marek Schoenherr

fix setting m_hmass in Particle_Info for user given MASS[<id>]

parent 5c06f63d
......@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ void Model_Base::ReadParticleData() {
for (;dit!=cdm.end();dit++) {
if (s_kftable.find(dit->first)!=s_kftable.end()) {
s_kftable[dit->first]->m_mass = dit->second;
s_kftable[dit->first]->m_hmass = dit->second;
msg_Tracking()<<" set mass of "<<Flavour(dit->first)<<" to "<<dit->second<<" GeV"<<std::endl;
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