Commit d883ba43 authored by Sebastian Liebschner's avatar Sebastian Liebschner Committed by Sebastian Liebschner

avoid writing out NANs in histograms which are stored in

parent 8ea85611
......@@ -192,6 +192,10 @@ void Process_Integrator::InitWeightHistogram()
if (av<.3) av/=10.;
/* If av=0, then subprocess at hand does not contribute.
In this case, set av to arbitrary value to avoid nans in
following histogram */
if (IsZero(av)) av=1.;
av = exp(log(10.)*int(log(av)/log(10.)+0.5));
p_whisto = new Histogram(10,av*1.e-4,av*1.e6,s_whbins);
if (p_proc->IsGroup())
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