Commit ac34385e authored by Johannes Krause's avatar Johannes Krause Committed by Frank Siegert

bugfix for variations weights in the unweighting of the local MENLOPS k-factor

parent 787435cb
......@@ -177,8 +177,9 @@ DefineInitialConditions(ATOOLS::Blob *blob)
return Return_Value::New_Event;
m_weight /= Min(1.0, abswgt);
if (p_localkfactorvarweights)
*p_localkfactorvarweights *= 1.0 / Min(1.0, abswgt);
// local kfactor varweights not initialized if weight equal to one
if (p_localkfactorvarweights && abswgt < 1.)
*p_localkfactorvarweights *= 1.0 / abswgt;
Blob_Data_Base *winfo((*blob)["Weight"]);
if (!winfo) THROW(fatal_error,"No weight information in signal blob");
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