Commit ab8ea874 authored by Silvan Kuttimalai's avatar Silvan Kuttimalai Committed by Enrico Bothmann

Fix setting of Min/Max couplings of higher multiplicities in CKKW

merging with external amplitudes
parent 624caa07
......@@ -834,6 +834,15 @@ void Matrix_Element_Handler::BuildSingleProcessList(
// If "Born_Order" is specified, we set all max/min orders
// here accordingly. This is for the interface to external
// amplitudes, where the user has to specify coupling orders
// for the born process of all multiplicities explicitly.
for(size_t i (0); i<cpi.m_borncpl.size(); i++)
// test whether cpls are halfinteger, fill in open spots for same size
size_t minsize(Min(cpi.m_mincpl.size(),cpi.m_maxcpl.size()));
double intpart,fracpart;
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