Commit 70a7e7d8 authored by Frank Siegert's avatar Frank Siegert


For taus produced in hard decays the spin correlation information was not passed on to the hadron/tau decay module, since the hard decay handler treated them as stable particles.
parent b86805e4
......@@ -306,7 +306,12 @@ Decay_Matrix* Decay_Handler_Base::FillDecayTree(Blob * blob, Spin_Density* s0)
(blob->Type()==btp::Hadron_Decay &&
blob->Has(blob_status::needs_showers))) {
DEBUG_INFO("is stable.");
if (m_spincorr) {
if (daughters[i]->Flav().Kfcode()==kf_tau &&
!daughters[i]->Flav().IsStable() &&
rpa->gen.SoftSC()) {
DEBUG_INFO(" ... but keeping tau spin density for hadronic tau decays.");
else if (m_spincorr) {
Decay_Matrix* D=new Decay_Matrix(daughters[i]);
delete D;
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