Commit 624caa07 authored by Silvan Kuttimalai's avatar Silvan Kuttimalai Committed by Enrico Bothmann

Remove restriction to 2->n with n>1 from OpenLoops Born

parent c7a4e96a
......@@ -53,9 +53,6 @@ Tree_ME2_Base* ATOOLS::Getter<Tree_ME2_Base,
operator()(const External_ME_Args &args) const
/* Can't be dealt with by OpenLoops at this time */
if(args.m_outflavs.size()<2) return NULL;
OpenLoops_Interface::SetParameter("coupling_qcd_0", (int) args.m_orders[0]);
OpenLoops_Interface::SetParameter("coupling_qcd_1", 0);
OpenLoops_Interface::SetParameter("coupling_ew_0" , (int) args.m_orders[1]);
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