Commit 5890e5ab authored by Frank Siegert's avatar Frank Siegert

Add note about FastJet plugins when not configured with FastJet option.

parent c3693999
......@@ -166,7 +166,8 @@ up to the specified values. This is useful e.g. in calculations with massive
b-quarks which shall nonetheless satisfy jet criteria.
The final option @option{FastjetFinder} allows to use the
@uref{,,FastJet} plugin if enabled during configuration.
@uref{,,FastJet} plugin if enabled during configuration(*).
It takes the following mandatory arguments:
@code{<algorithm>} can take the values @code{kt,antikt,cambridge,siscone},
@code{<n>} is the minimum number of jets to be found, @code{<ptmin>} and
......@@ -324,7 +325,7 @@ implements the Frixione isolation cone @mycite{Frixione1998jh}.
@node Fastjet selector
@subsection Fastjet selector
If @uref{,,FastJet} is enabled, the momenta and nodal
If @uref{,,FastJet} is enabled(*), the momenta and nodal
values of the jets found with Fastjet can be used to calculate more elaborate
selector criteria. The syntax of this selector is
......@@ -350,3 +351,8 @@ to use b-tagged jets only, based on the parton-level constituents of the jets.
There are two options: With @code{<bmode>=1} both b and anti-b quarks are
counted equally towards b-jets, while for @code{<bmode>=2} they are added with a
relative sign as constituents, i.e. a jet containing b and anti-b is not tagged.
(*) If FastJet has not been enabled during configuration of your Sherpa
installation, you can still build a FastJet-based selector plugin by including
the content of any necessary functions (e.g. from @code{Fastjet_Helpers.[HC]})
explicitly and linking against FastJet at compile time of the plugin.
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