Commit 3342e3a5 authored by Enrico Bothmann's avatar Enrico Bothmann

Fix parsing bug when Cut_Core setting is used

There was an accidental extra SetDefault call which caused a crash due
to a conflicting default value.
parent 2dc43a3d
......@@ -655,9 +655,12 @@ void Matrix_Element_Handler::ReadFinalStateMultiSpecificProcessSettings(
// ignore certain settings that have sub-settings (otherwise obtaining the
// value below will throw); they need to be handled elsewhere
if (subkey == "Selectors")
// ignore certain settings that are not to be handled by ExtractMPvalues
// below
if (subkey == "Selectors"
|| subkey == "Cut_Core"
|| subkey == "CKKW"
|| subkey == "Process")
// read value (and potentially do some pre-processing for non-scalar
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