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Updates/fixes in Manual
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......@@ -370,7 +370,7 @@ adds one decaying particle:
@multitable @columnfractions .33 .33 .33
@item <kf-code>@ @ @ @ @ @ @ ->
@tab <subdirectory>/
@tab @center <filename>.dat
@tab <filename>.dat
@item decaying particle @ @ @
@tab path to decay table @ @ @
@tab decay table file
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ Their respective syntax is
JetFinder <ycut>[<ycut decay 1>[<ycut decay 11>...]...]... <D parameter>
ConeFinder <min R>
NJetFinder <n> <ptmin> <etmin> <D parameter> [<exponent>] [<eta max>] [<mass max>]
FastjetFinder <algorithm> <n> <ptmin> <etmin> <dr> [<f(siscone)>=0.75] [<eta-max>] [<y-max>] [<bmode>]
FastjetFinder <algorithm> <n> <ptmin> <etmin> <dr> [<f(siscone)>=0.75] [<eta-max>] [<y-max>] [<nb>] [<nb2>]
@end verbatim
For @option{JetFinder}, it is possible to give different values
......@@ -167,9 +167,11 @@ It takes the following mandatory arguments:
@code{<etmin>} are the minimum transverse momentum and/or energy,
@code{<dr>} is the radial parameter. Optional arguments are:
@code{<f(siscone)>} (default 0.75), @code{<eta-max>} and @code{<y-max>} as
maximal absolute (pseudo-)rapidity (default infinity), @code{<b-mode>} sets
the B-tagging mode (default 0). For details see
@ref{Scale setters}.
maximal absolute (pseudo-)rapidity (default infinity),
@code{<nb>} and @code{<nb2>} set the number of required b-jets, where for the
former both b and anti-b quarks are counted equally towards b-jets, while for
the latter they are added with a relative sign as constituents, i.e. a jet
containing b and anti-b is not tagged.
The option @option{FastjetVeto} allows to use the
@uref{,,FastJet} plugin to apply
......@@ -86,9 +86,9 @@ in @mycite{Hoeche2009rj} and a novel recoil strategy for initial state
splittings was proposed in @mycite{Hoeche2009xc}.
While the ordering variable is fixed, the recoil strategy for dipoles
with initial-state emitter and final-state spectator can be changed
for systematics studies. Setting @option{CSS_KIN_SCHEME=0} (default)
for systematics studies. Setting @option{CSS_KIN_SCHEME=0}
corresponds to using the recoil scheme proposed in @mycite{Hoeche2009xc},
while @option{CSS_KIN_SCHEME=1} enables the original recoil strategy.
while @option{CSS_KIN_SCHEME=1} (default) enables the original recoil strategy.
The lower cutoff of the shower evolution can be set via @option{CSS_FS_PT2MIN}
and @option{CSS_IS_PT2MIN} for final and initial state shower, respectively.
Note that this value is specified in GeV^2. Scale factors for the evaluation
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