Commit 129b1d50 authored by Frank Siegert's avatar Frank Siegert

Update decaydata to account for some recently changed diquark masses.

parent 8703020e
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......@@ -386,7 +386,13 @@ void Hadron_Decay_Channel::WriteOut(bool newfile) {
} // if (read DC file)
else {
// if DC file exists
PRINT_INFO("TODO: migrate to Decaydata.db for "<<m_path+m_filename<<": "<<m_iwidth<<" "<<m_ideltawidth<<" "<<m_max);
PRINT_INFO("TODO: migrate to Decaydata.db for "<<m_path<<" "<<m_filename<<" :");
int oldprec=cout.precision(4);
cout<<" "<<m_iwidth<<" "<<m_ideltawidth<<" "<<m_max<<";"<<endl;
/* TODO migrate to Decaydata.db
Move(m_path+m_filename, m_path+"."+m_filename+".old");
ofstream to((m_path+m_filename).c_str(),ios::out);
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