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WIP: Port fusing from 2.2.x to master


  • Port weight handling to !256 (merged)
  • Test exclusion of decay b-quarks
  • YAML read-in of HOOK parameters
  • On rel, skipped Sudakov veto (NLO) is implemented by Qcut -> \infty (should be 0, but for technical reasons achieved with \infty). Have to check on master, whether we can use Qcut -> 0, and still get correct skipped Sudakov veto (NLO).
  • Dire currently provides ME cluster amplitude natively (from perturbative interface, is only extended by this MR. CSS is built from scratch. Should unify?
    • Dire and CSS currently order their cluster amplitudes (already at ME level) reversely, which is taken into account in L92 in fragmentation hook. Should this be unified?
  • Document 3 new MEPS cluster modes: 512 (for ttbb direct to cluster back to 2->2 even though no ME), 1024 2048
  • Validation in Zbb with CSS: currently MEPS@NLO doesn't look very good to start with, but fusing looks consistent.
  • Validation in Zbb with Dire: already Zbb 4F doesn't work, many spikes, to be debugged.

Closes #111

Edited by Max Knobbe

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