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......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
@subsection H production in gluon fusion with interference effects
This is a setup for inclusive Higgs production through
gluon fusion at hadron colliders. The inclusive process is calculated
......@@ -30,9 +29,3 @@ one can set @option{HIGGS_INTERFERENCE_ONLY 1;} in the @code{(run)@{...@}(run)}
By default, all partonic processes are included in this simulation, however,
it is sensible to disable quark initial states at the leading order. This is achieved
by setting @option{HIGGS_INTERFERENCE_MODE 3;} in the @code{(run)@{...@}(run)} section.
One can also simulate the production of a spin-2 massive graviton in Sherpa using
the same input card by setting @option{HIGGS_INTERFERENCE_SPIN 2;} in the
@code{(run)@{...@}(run)} section. Only the massive graviton case is implemented,
specifically the scenario where k_q=k_g. NLO corrections are approximated,
as the gg->X->yy and qq->X->yy loop amplitudes have not been computed so far.
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