Commit 8e488b19 authored by Stefan Hoeche's avatar Stefan Hoeche
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reset start kt in shower if q2 not respected

parent 3458dc9f
......@@ -72,8 +72,10 @@ int CS_Shower::PerformShowers(const size_t &maxem,size_t &nem)
sit!=m_allsinglets.end();++sit) {
msg_Debugging()<<"before shower step\n";
for (Singlet::const_iterator it((*sit)->begin());it!=(*sit)->end();++it)
if ((*it)->GetPrev() && (*it)->GetPrev()->KScheme()!=1)
if ((*it)->GetPrev() && (*it)->GetPrev()->KScheme()!=1) {
if (m_respectq2) (*it)->SetStart(Min((*it)->KtStart(),(*it)->GetPrev()->KtStart()));
else (*it)->SetStart((*it)->GetPrev()->KtStart());
size_t pem(nem);
if (!p_shower->EvolveShower(*sit,maxem,nem)) return 0;
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