Commit 5e3d6287 authored by Stefan Hoeche's avatar Stefan Hoeche
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moved error output in css cf_qcd to tracking

cannot avoid rare error because clustering in meps@nlo happens before trigger
parent 8a6481d6
......@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ double CF_QCD::Coupling(const double &scale,const int pol)
if (scl<p_cpl->ShowerCutQ2()) return 0.0;
double cpl=(*p_cpl)[scl]*m_q;
if (cpl>m_cplmax.front()) {
msg_Error()<<METHOD<<"(): Value exceeds maximum at k_T = "
<<sqrt(scale)<<" -> q = "<<sqrt(scl)<<"."<<std::endl;
msg_Tracking()<<METHOD<<"(): Value exceeds maximum at k_T = "
<<sqrt(scale)<<" -> q = "<<sqrt(scl)<<"."<<std::endl;
return m_cplmax.front();
#ifdef DEBUG__Trial_Weight
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