Commit 24690d2c authored by Stefan Hoeche's avatar Stefan Hoeche
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svn merge -c22640 trunk/SHERPA

parent 759636cf
......@@ -408,6 +408,7 @@ bool RootNtuple_Reader::ReadInFullEvent(Blob_List * blobs)
signalblob->AddData("Trials",new Blob_Data<double>(1.));
signalblob->AddData("NLO_subeventlist",new Blob_Data<NLO_subevtlist*>(&m_nlos));
signalblob->AddData("Weight_Norm",new Blob_Data<double>(1.0));
signalblob->AddData("OQCD",new Blob_Data<int>(p_vars->m_oqcd));
return 1;
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