Commit da9b0459 authored by Sharp Hall's avatar Sharp Hall

Add Nov 5, 2019 At-Large maps for democratic and non-democratic

parent be096c74
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......@@ -70,6 +70,15 @@ def load_election_data_new_format(filename, scaffold=False):
'Race': header[0][i].strip(),
'Division': row[2].strip()
if header[0][i].strip() == 'COUNCIL AT-LARGE':
'Votes': 0 if scaffold else int(col),
'Carts': [0, 1] if scaffold else carts,
'Choice': header[1][i].strip(),
'Race': 'Council At-Large ' + ('(Democratic)' if '(DEMOCRATIC)' in header[1][i]
else '(Non-democratic)'),
'Division': row[2].strip()
for record in data:
return races
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