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sudo support in puppet
To simply install sudo on your servers, use:
include sudo
By default, this will not deploy any sudoers file. Use the following
to make sure a sudoers file is deployed:
class { 'sudo': deploy_sudoers => TRUE }
This will deploy the default sudoers file shipped with the module or
one shipped in your `site_sudo` module, see `manifests/init.pp` for
the search path.
You can also use defines to grant specific access. For example, to
give access to a user:
sudo::access { 'foo': }
This will create a file in `/etc/sudoers.d/01_user_access-foo` with a
You can change parameters, for example a no password access:
sudo::access { 'foo':
user => 'bar',
access => 'ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL'
You can also create user aliases with:
sudo::user_alias { 'GROUP': members => 'foo, bar' }
.. which in turn can be used in `sudo::access`:
sudo::access { 'GROUP-access': user => 'GROUP' }
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# GPLv3
class sudo(
$deploy_sudoers = $sudo::deploy_sudoers,
$deploy_sudoers = $sudo::params::deploy_sudoers,
$path = $sudo::params::path,
$dir = $sudo::params::dir
) inherits sudo::params {
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