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......@@ -104,3 +104,12 @@ Keep things simple in your functions. You have no need for fancy patterns that t
That's it. write / test lots of functions. Keep them simple and you'll have code that's easy to test, refactor, and grok.
## References
> Some really good ideas when building software
* [YAGNI]( You Aren't Gonna Need It. Chances are, that fancy new thing you are adding to your project, isn't really needed.
* [KISS]( Keep it Stupid Simple. Simple > (Clever OR Performant OR Faster OR Shorter OR Smaller). Simple always wins.
* [Worse is Better]( Software that is limited, but simple to use, may be more appealing to the user. See, simple is better
* [SOLID]( Five design principles that make software more understandable.
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