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Added data for UP riot based shutdown

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{"state":"Gujarat","locality":"Ahmedabad","date":"2016-04-17","description":"Pursuant to the Patel reservation agitation, mobile internet sevices were suspended in various parts of Gujarat on 17th April, 2016","source":""}
{"state":"Jharkhand","locality":"Bokaro","date":"2016-04-16","description":"Subsequent to the communal clashes in the town of Bokaro during the celebration of Ram Navami, internet services were cut off to prevent use of social media as a tool for spreading communal fear and hatred. ","source":""}
{"state":"Uttar Pradesh","locality":"Azamgarh","date":"2016-05-17","description":"Local administration resorted to suspension of mobile & broadband services until 18th May, 2016 as a precautionary measure to check the outbreak of riots due to communal tension in the area.","source":""}
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