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{"state":"Gujarat","locality":"Rajkot","date":"2015-10-17","description":"On 17th October, 2015, mobile internet services were suspended for 2 days in Rajkot due to threats made by Hardik Patel to hold a protest in the stadium where a one day international cricket match was scheduled between the teams of India & South Africa. ","source":"","":""}
{"state":"Manipur","locality":" East and West Imphal","date":"2016-12-18","description":"Mobile internet services were disconnected in East and West Imphal on 18th December, 2016 to curb tensions to prevent spread of rumours over an alleged attack on a church. The ban on mobile internet is said to continue till 25th December, 2016.","source":"","":""}
{"state":"Manipur","locality":" East and West Imphal","date":"2016-12-18","description":"Orders were issued by the District Magistrate to disconnect mobile Internet services in East and West Imphal from 18th December, 2016 due to law and order turmoil over economic blockade by the United Naga Council (UNC). Mobile Internet services were reportedly restored on 30th December, 2016 after a 12 day disruption.","source":"","":""}
{"state":"Haryana","locality":"","date":"2016-02-19","description":"Subsequent to the Jat reservation protest in Haryana, mobile Internet, and SMS services were blocked in many areas, including Rohtak, Sonepat, and Jhajjar, beginning 19th February, 2016. ","source":"","":""}
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