openpgp: More carefully validate a KeyAmalgamation.

  - When turning a KeyAmalgamation into a ValidKeyAmalgamation, also
    make sure the certificate is valid.
parent 61714fa1
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@ use std::time;
use std::time::SystemTime;
use std::ops::Deref;
use failure::ResultExt;
use crate::{
......@@ -166,6 +168,15 @@ impl<'a, P: 'a + key::KeyParts> KeyAmalgamation<'a, P> {
where T: Into<Option<time::SystemTime>>
let time = time.into().unwrap_or_else(SystemTime::now);
// First, we need to make sure the certificate is okay. Only
// do this if we're using a subkey.
if ! self.primary() {
let pka : Self = KeyAmalgamation::new_primary(self.cert());
pka.with_policy(policy, time)
.context("primary key")?;
if let Some(binding_signature) = self.binding_signature(policy, time) {
let ka = ValidKeyAmalgamation {
a: self,
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