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    Relicense to LGPL 2.0 or later. · 9e4d5398
    Nora Widdecke authored
      - Change Sequoia's license from GPL 2.0 or later to LGPL 2.0 or
        later as unanimously decided on October 18, 2021 by:
          - Christof Wahl <cw@pep.security> (pEp security CEO)
          - Heiko Schaefer <heiko.schaefer@posteo.de> (pEp Foundation
            employee, Sequoia developer)
          - Justus Winter <justus@sequoia-pgp.org> (pEp Foundation
            employee, Sequoia Founder)
          - Neal H. Walfield <neal@pep.foundation> (pEp Foundation
            employee, Sequoia Founder)
          - Patrick Meier <pm@pep.security> (pEp security Chief Product
            and Service Officer)
          - Rudolf Bohli <rb@pep.security> (pEp security Chairman of the
          - Volker Birk <vb@pep.security> (pEp security Founder, pEp
            Foundation Council)
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