Commit 167e3c69 authored by Guilherme Semente's avatar Guilherme Semente 🌱

Remove deprecated code

parent 63e5003d
......@@ -941,11 +941,6 @@ You may find other key bindings inside use-package statements."
(defalias 'mu 'semente-mu4e)
(defadvice mu4e-quit (after delete-mu4e-frame activate)
"Advise mu4e-quit to close the frame mu4e"
(if (equal "mu4e" (frame-parameter nil 'name))
(defun semente-maybe-reply-encrypted ()
(let ((msg mu4e-compose-parent-message))
(when (and msg (member 'encrypted (mu4e-message-field msg :flags)))
......@@ -1090,10 +1085,7 @@ even if you aren't using their client."
"Experimental customizations"
(use-package ehelp
:bind (("C-h" . ehelp-command)
([help] . ehelp-command))))
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