Example project for Seeq Research

Example Seeq Study

This is an example of a simple website for directing users to your Seeq study.

It can be easily deployed to a free Heroku instance.

Visit Seeq Research for instructions on creating a study with Seeq.

Step 1: Fork this repository

Go to https://gitlab.com/seeqlabs/example-research and click "Fork".

Clone your new repository to your computer:

git clone git@gitlab.com:<YOUR-USERNAME>/example-research.git

Step 2: Make changes

Change templates/index.html and any other files to your liking.

Commit those changes:

git add -A
git commit -m "Updates for new study"

Pushing your changes to GitLab is useful, but optional:

git push 

Step 3: Register for a free Heroku account

Register here

Step 4: Install Heroku CLI

You can find easy-to-follow instructions for MacOS, Linux, and Windows here

Step 5: Set up Heroku

heroku login

heroku create <CHOOSE-AN-APP-NAME>


Step 6: Deploy your study


git push heroku master

Get app URL (under 'Web URL')

heroku apps:info

Step 7: Send users to your Seeq study

Easily send users to Seeq by directing them to the app URL as follows:


Feel free to try out this ^ URL in your browser.