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<span id="datetime">Last edited : 2018-08-11(Saturday) 16:40 CEST Amsterdam.NL timezone<span id="DONTUSE__siteLastUpdated"></span></span><br/>
<span id="datetime">Last edited : 2018-08-15(Wednesday) 23:50 CEST Amsterdam.NL timezone<span id="DONTUSE__siteLastUpdated"></span></span><br/>
<script type="text/javascript">
......@@ -100,6 +100,7 @@ var vividTextCmd = {
<li><a href="/jsonViewer(url'base64aHR0cDovL3NlZHVjdGl2ZWFwcHMuY29tL2pzb24ucGhwP2ZpbGU9L2hvbWUvcmVuZS9kYXRhLmpzb24mdmVyc2lvbj1jb25kZW5zZWQ=')">JSON data format viewer</a></li>
<li>Basic user registration, login capabilities, enabling a user to publish <a href="/text(user'rene',title'test1')">rich-texts</a> and <a href="/media(user'rene',title'test3')">photo albums</a> on this site.<br/>
You need to register first, you should be automatically logged in after registring,<br/>
or you can log in with login name = Guest, password = Guest,<br/>
and then you can use the green icon next to the 'Register' or 'Log-out' link to start the #siteManager.<br/>
You then click on 'Blog' or 'Media Albums' under your name, and the icons at the top of the treeview will light up indicating that they can be used.<br/>
Hover over the icons with your mouse to learn what they do.<br/>
......@@ -107,6 +108,7 @@ var vividTextCmd = {
Content always needs a unique title to be published.<br/>
Publishing is done using the button on the left of the title field.<br/>
If you're uploading a lot of photos at the same time, you can not browse away from the page, nor browse around on the page, until the upload is completed.<br/>
<b>Right now it can not be guaranteed yet that what you store on this site will stay on this site, because these features are undergoing construction and no backup-and-restore script has been written yet.</b><br/>
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