1. 06 Jan, 2020 4 commits
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      Bug 1341234 - part 3 - add various system library CFLAGS to BINDGEN_SYSTEM_FLAGS; r=gps · 58d6bda0
      Nathan Froyd authored
      This change ensures that folks who configure --with-system-FOO for
      various values of FOO can build Stylo, since bindgen will know where to
      find the flags for said FOO packages.
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      Bug 1341234 - part 2 - add an intermediate step for determining bindgen's CFLAGS; r=gps · 4285d190
      Nathan Froyd authored
      Add an intermediate step in old-configure.in for setting up
      BINDGEN_CFLAGS (renamed to BINDGEN_SYSTEM_FLAGS), so we can add whatever
      flags we like (e.g. for system libaries with their includes in
      non-standard places) at a later point.
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      Bug 1341234 - part 1 - add AC_SUBST_TOML_LIST macro; r=gps · eab27e36
      Nathan Froyd authored
      Stylo's bindgen is configured partially through a .toml.in file that
      substitutes the value of a configure variable (BINDGEN_CFLAGS) into a
      TOML list.  We can debate whether this is a good thing to do some other
      time; the reality is that the current moz.configure code that provides
      the set_config for BINDGEN_CFLAGS needs to perform all the quoting
      We want, however, to define the substituted variable in old-configure.in
      land (some of the values that will go into BINDGEN_CFLAGS are only
      defined in old-configure.in, and are not trivially ported to
      moz.configure), which means that we need to have quoting logic in
      m4/Python when we generate config.status.  This patch adds an
      appropriate macro for doing so.
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      Bug 1341234 - part 0 - fix typo in AC_SUBST_SET checking; r=gps · 491c50a2
      Nathan Froyd authored
      The various AC_SUBST macros generate AC_SUBST_*FOO macros for holding the
      values to substitute.  The macros also cross-check the AC_SUBST_* macros
      generated by other variants to make sure that you don't try to do
      something like AC_SUBST(FOO) and AC_SUBST_SET(FOO).  However, the check
      in AC_SUBST_SET for AC_SUBST_LIST duplicate is missing an underscore:
      the AC_SUBST_LIST macro generates another macro starting with
      AC_SUBST_LIST_, but the AC_SUBST_SET macro checks for the prefix
      AC_SUBST_LIST, which is missing the trailing underscore.
      As we're going to be adding yet another AC_SUBST_* macro variant, and
      therefore adding more checks to all existing macros, let's clean this up
      before we start.
  2. 29 Dec, 2019 36 commits