Commit aa0f6241 authored by Ian Neal's avatar Ian Neal Committed by Frank-Rainer Grahl
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Bug 1605729 - Extend to understand gitlab repos. r=frg a=frg

parent ef8e23bf
...@@ -90,7 +90,10 @@ def source_repo_header(output): ...@@ -90,7 +90,10 @@ def source_repo_header(output):
output.write('#define MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP %s\n' % changeset) output.write('#define MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP %s\n' % changeset)
if repo and buildconfig.substs.get('MOZ_INCLUDE_SOURCE_INFO'): if repo and buildconfig.substs.get('MOZ_INCLUDE_SOURCE_INFO'):
source = '%s/rev/%s' % (repo, changeset) if "gitlab" in repo:
source = '%s/tree/%s' % (repo, changeset)
source = '%s/rev/%s' % (repo, changeset)
output.write('#define MOZ_SOURCE_REPO %s\n' % repo) output.write('#define MOZ_SOURCE_REPO %s\n' % repo)
output.write('#define MOZ_SOURCE_URL %s\n' % source) output.write('#define MOZ_SOURCE_URL %s\n' % source)
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