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  • v1.5 Release: v1.5
    screenkey 1.5
    - New LockScreen detection from Marc Lavallée prevents passwords from
      being shown right after unlocking the screen when possible (new
      ``dbus`` dependency required).
    - Keypad number keys are now displayed correctly (thanks to @Gordin508).
    - Additional mouse buttons are now shown as "M[x]" instead of being
      incorrectly displayed as Ctrl/Alt modifiers (@Gordin508).
    - The new ``--window`` command line flag allows to display screenkey as
      a regular window instead of an overlay. This can be useful for
      recording screenkey as an independent overlay during screencasts
      and/or to manage the window position through the window manager.
    - New German translation thanks to Maik Schmalle.
    - Fix regression that would keep the overlay visible when using Ctrl
      sequences with the mouse visualization disabled.
    - Fix regression causing a backtrace instead of a proper error message
      during initialization errors.
    - Fix crash happening due to screen size and/or resolution changes while
      screenkey is running.
    - Prettify JSON configuration file (thanks to Mehrad Mahmoudian).
  • v1.4 Release: v1.4
    screenkey 1.4
    - Internationalization/catalog handling during installation is now
      handled with Babel (``python-distutils-extra`` is no longer used).
    - Improved highlighting of recent mouse activity (makes fast actions
      such as double-click more distinct).
    - Fixed another resizing issue not working properly when attempting
      to shrink the window size.
    - Removed Python 2 remains (thanks to Jürgen Gmach).
  • v1.3 Release: v1.3
    screenkey 1.3
    - Can displays mouse clicks and modifier keys, with big thanks to
      Matthew White, Ziad El Khoury Hanna and Roope Salmi!
    - Updated Russian translation thanks to Olesya Gerasimenko.
    - Includes Appstream metadata by Rajeesh K V.
    - Add ``--version`` support by Anders Jackson.
    - Fixes interactive resizing with a persistent window.
  • v1.2 Release: v1.2
    screenkey 1.2
    - Now supports FontAwesome 5 in addition to FontAwesome 4.
    - New multimedia keys for: bluetooth, tools, favorites.
    - New Catalan translation thanks to Eduard Ereza Martínez.
    - Updated Simplified Chinese translation by @WhiredPlanck.
    - New flag ``--start-disabled`` by Laurence Tratt to start
      screenkey in disabled state.
    - Fix crash due to a race condition thanks to Roope Salmi.
    - Fix incorrect value for "Compress repeats" in settings.
  • v1.1
    9e7cd84f · Bump version to 1.1 ·
    Release: v1.1
    screenkey 1.1
    - Fix PyGI warning during startup when using AppIndicator.
    - Fix running with GTK versions older than 3.23.
  • v1.0
    4e1ee6cd · version 1.0 (closes #108) ·
    Release: v1.0
    screenkey 1.0
    - Switch to Python 3 and GTK 3, thanks to Yuto Tokunaga.
    - "ISO_Left_Tab" is now also shown as Tab.
    - Shift+Shift or Alt+Alt can now be used to toggle screenkey as an
      alternative to Ctrl+Ctrl.
    - More multimedia keys are supported (volume, brightness, playback).
    - Transparency of the window is now independent from the text (thanks to
    - Screenkey no longer detaches by default from the terminal.
    - New "Windows" and "Linux" modifier modes.
    - French Translation improvements by Georges Khaznadar.
    - Improved geometry handling by Alberto Fanjul.
  • v0.3
    78442291 · Update README. ·
    screenkey 0.3
  • v0.4
    4bcfac24 · Notes about 0.4. ·
    screenkey 0.4
  • v0.5
    79fcdc5f · Notes about 0.5. ·
    screenkey 0.5
  • v0.6
    screenkey 0.6
  • v0.6.1
    c13f25d1 · Release 0.6.1 ·
    screenkey 0.6.1
  • v0.6.2
    5207185a · Bump version to 0.6.2 ·
    screenkey 0.6.2
  • v0.7
    screenkey 0.7
  • v0.8
    screenkey 0.8
  • v0.8.1
    f82e3359 · Release 0.8.1. ·
    screenkey 0.8.1
  • v0.9
    screenkey 0.9
  • v0.2
    screenkey 0.2
  • screenkey-0.2
    screenkey 0.2
  • v0.10rc1
  • screenkey-0.9
    screenkey 0.9
    - Ctrl+Ctrl detection now works correctly in more scenarios.
    - Ctrl++ (and similar sequences with repeated characters) are now shown as
      Ctrl+"+" for improved readability.
    - Shift+Backspace is now recognized and shown correctly.
    - Several multimedia keys are now supported. If "FontAwesome" is installed,
      the correct symbol is also displayed instead of a text abbreviation.
    - Visualization of whitespace characters can now be controlled.
    - Repeated key sequences are now abbreviated with a repeat count if above the
      specified threshold (3 by default).