A lightweight markup language for journals. — https://starkups.s.zeid.me/

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A lightweight markup language for journals.

Copyright (c) 2015 Scott Zeid.
Released under the X11 License.

What does it look like?

It looks like this:


Entry 1 (that's a tab stop) Name of entry
**Lorem ipsum**, dolor *sit* amet....

Yes, Markdown is supported!

* Entry 2   This one's important!
Each entry is separated by *two* blank lines.  There's also two blank lines
before the first entry.

: Entry 3   But what if you don't want Markdown?
| That's fine too.  If the header starts with a `|` or `:`, then
| that character will be removed from the beginning of the item's
| lines, and each line that starts with a `|` will also have Markdown
: *disabled*.

Cool, huh?

How do I use it?

Just put your Starkups in a file, and then open it in the viewer.

You can also make a static HTML file by clicking the Save as HTML button once you've opened a file. There's also a Python script in the source tree at viewer/make-static that will do it for you.

Can you see my stuff?

No. Starkups runs entirely on your computer. Nothing is sent to my server, and you can make sure of that by looking at the source code.

Where's the source code?

Over here. It's written in JavaScript and released under the X11 License.

Why's it called "Starkups"?

It's a play on "Starbucks" and "markup".

Why "Starbucks"? I thought you don't drink coffee?

I don't. It's a long story.

Ooh, Material!

Yep :) Praise DuARTe!