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# This file specifies relative URLs to be redirected.  (Normally,
# you should follow <http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.html>,
# but if you *have* to change your URLs, you should at least
# redirect the old ones.)
# Entries are of the format `<old-url> -> <new-url>`.  Lines
# starting with a `#` are ignored as comments.  Lines may be
# broken before and/or after the arrow.  You may also use an
# equals sign instead of a hyphen.  If the old URL ends with
# `/*`, then it will be treated as a wildcard:  the old URL
# followed by either a slash and extra parts or by nothing
# will be matched, and only the part of the old URL before
# the slash and asterisk will be replaced.
# This file is read by `_static/redirect.php`.  To use it, tell
# your server to use that PHP script as the 404 handler.  The
# `redirect.php` script will send 404.html, if available, if no
# redirect is available for the requested URL.

/about -> /
/appbackup -> /projects/appbackup/
/calculators -> /projects/
/calculators/rain -> /projects/rain/
/feed -> /blog/feed/
/iphone -> /projects/
/iphone/appbackup -> /projects/appbackup/
/iphone/appdir -> /projects/old/appdir/
/iphone/cydia-repository -> /other/cydia-repository/
/iphone/itango -> /projects/old/itango/
/scripts -> /projects/old/
/scripts/deb-process -> /projects/old/deb-process/
/scripts/set-wallpapers-dualhead -> /projects/old/set-wallpapers-dualhead/
 -> /blog/2011/08/31/address-already-in-use-error-when-openvpn-is-not-running/
 -> /blog/2011/08/29/openvpn-2-2-1-ipv6-payload-patch-for-cyanogenmod-7-1-rc1/
 -> /blog/2011/07/16/google-plus-tango-icon/
 -> /blog/2011/05/31/appbackup-2-0-2-released/
 -> /blog/2011/05/27/appbackup-2-0-1-released/
 -> /blog/2011/05/26/appbackup-2-0-is-finally-finished/
 -> /blog/2011/05/05/appbackup-1-0-14-is-released/
 -> /blog/2011/04/06/eric-whitacres-virtual-choir-2-0-premiere-is-tomorrow/
 -> /blog/2011/03/16/forcing-dd-wrt-to-use-desired-dns-server/
 -> /blog/2011/01/13/appbackup-1-0-13-released/
 -> /blog/2011/01/10/welcome-to-my-new-site/