Notifies the owner of a CraftBukkit server whenever a player logs in.

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LoginNotify CraftBukkit Plugin

Notifies the owner of a CraftBukkit server whenever a player logs in.

Copyright (c) 2013 Scott Zeid. Released under the X11 License.

This plugin displays a notification on the server's machine whenever someone logs on to the server. By default, it supports libnotify on Linux by using the notify-send command, but other notification systems can be used as long as they support using commands to display notifications.

The command's working directory is set to the plugin's data folder (i.e. plugins/LoginNotify).


See config.yml (either in the plugin's data folder after running it once, or in the source tree under src/main/resources/) for configuration instructions. To reload the configuration at runtime, run /loginnotify reload either in-game or on the server console.


  • loginnotify.reload

    Reloads the server configuration.
    Default: Operators only


To manually build the plugin, run mvn from the root of the source tree. You will need a working Internet connection in order for Maven to download the appropriate dependencies. The compiled JAR file will be written to target/LoginNotify-<version>.jar.