Commit ecc515b9 authored by S. Zeid's avatar S. Zeid

[cli/engine/commands/shell] allow special commands in one-command mode when __is_shell

parent 6c50f220
......@@ -215,10 +215,11 @@ class ShellCommand(Command):
argv = json.loads(line)
argv = shlex.split(line)
if len(argv) == 1 and one_command == False:
if len(argv) == 1 and self.__is_shell:
if argv[0] not in cli.commands:
if argv[0] == "exit":
raise StopIteration(0)
if one_command == False:
if argv[0] == "exit":
raise StopIteration(0)
if argv[0] == "help":
real_command = False
message = self.help_string(cli, True)
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