Commit d29aed58 authored by S. Zeid's avatar S. Zeid

[cli/commands/python_repl] the base PythonReplCommand.main() is not a...

[cli/commands/python_repl] the base PythonReplCommand.main() is not a generator function; make preamble modification work
parent 8e09b81c
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ __all__ = ["PythonReplCommand"]
class PythonReplCommand(PythonReplCommand):
def main(self, cli):
output_generator = super(PythonReplCommand, self).main(cli)
self.preamble = "\n%sapp_list = iosapplist.AppList(root=%s)\n"
self.preamble %= (self.ps1, repr(cli.app_list.root.input))
return output_generator
output_not_generator = super(PythonReplCommand, self).main(cli)
return output_not_generator
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