Commit 0dc9d521 authored by David Košenina's avatar David Košenina

compile fix

parent 74455592
......@@ -3117,7 +3117,9 @@ void OsciloscopeManager::onCallibrateFrameCaptured(OsciloscopeFrame& frame, int
void OsciloscopeManager::AutoCallibrate()
thread.writeFpgaToArtix7( &pOsciloscope->control.control1.client1Get(), &pOsciloscope->control.control2.client2Get(), settings.getHardware());
SHardware1 hw1 = pOsciloscope->control.control1.client1Get();
SHardware2 hw2 = pOsciloscope->control.control2.client2Get();
thread.writeFpgaToArtix7( &hw1, &hw2, settings.getHardware());
callibrate.clear(); = 1;
callibrate.mode = acStartMessageBox;
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