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name = "pypi"
url = "https://pypi.org/simple"
verify_ssl = true
flask = "*"
flask-ask = "*"
python_version = "3.6"
......@@ -36,10 +36,27 @@ def launch_question():
def random_jilk():
return question(f"{_get_random_listing()}. Would you like to hear another server?").reprompt(
f"Sorry, I don't understand, {jilk_view_question} again?"
return question(
f"{_get_random_listing()}. Would you like to hear another server?"
).reprompt(f"Sorry, I don't understand, {jilk_view_question} again?")
def cancel_skill():
return statement("Cancelling request, sorry to see you go.")
def help_user():
return question(
f"This skill can simply be used by saying the word yes. So then, {jilk_view_question}?"
def exit_skill():
return statement("Sorry to see you go.")
if __name__ == "__main__":
app.run(host="", port=8084)