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title:  "Diversity and Inclusiveness"
date:   2020-06-25 10:00:00 +0000
category: news
author: crown
excerpt: "Words from Their Royal Majesties of Drachenwald regarding diversity and inclusiveness"

Greetings beloved Drachenwald!

When We became your King and Queen We proclaimed that Drachenwald is to be a safe place for all, that the Kingdom should be a place for all to call home and feel safe. We proclaimed that We want us all to embrace our differences in order to grow and increase our understanding and compassion.

It is implied in the phrase "to be a safe place for all" that this has not always been the case for everyone. By making that statement at the beginning of Our reign, We were making it known that it is Our strongest wish to support and guide the Kingdom towards that goal of being a safe place for all. We believe that some progress has been made but the goal will never be achieved without increasing awareness and conscious choices of improvement by each and every one of us.

There is a great deal of emotional upheaval going on in the world right now. Change can be frightening but it does not have to be a bad thing. The world will never be the same again. If it terrifies you that things will not be exactly the same as they were a year or two ago, then please consider whether that is due to some privileges that you were not aware you had. Some changes will sadden us and might make us feel like we are losing something but we will surely get over the sadness if it means that our privileges get shared equally with others who have not had them before.

Most of us in Drachenwald are privileged in some way or another. We hope that this time of change will help us all become more aware of our own privileges, how to avoid taking advantage of others due to privileges that we may not have been aware of, and ultimately how to use our privileges to help those suffering so that the privileges dissolve into equality for all. This is what chivalric values means to Us. To stand up for others. We hope that you agree.

This Kingdom contains many cultures, many different languages and a wide variety of people and this is our strength. However, we no longer live in a bubble. Social media has become a part of our game and we must therefore also consider that when one casts a pebble into a pool of water that it not only affects the surface where the pebble hit but it ripples throughout the entire pool.

Discrimination has no place among us. No one should feel unsafe because of their religion, sexual orientation, place of birth, gender or ability etc. If we need to help each other to see the equal value in human life, then educate when someone does or says something wrong, without belittling or scolding so that we help create an environment where we all want to improve and better ourselves. Not because it's expected but because it's the right thing to do.

Discrimination causes the targeted group to feel unsafe, regardless of where it takes place. Help Us make Drachenwald safer by keeping the following always in your thoughts and actions:
Let compassion be your guiding star,
let inclusiveness be a word to live by,
let us all be able to feel safe.

With great love and respect,
King Æríkr and Queen Jacquelyna