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......@@ -8,14 +8,14 @@ This is intended to work in Puppy Linux, and is a **work-in-progress**
### Changes:
1. CFLAGS in Makefile added `-std=c99`
2. In xlunch.c:
2. In xlunch.c:
a. set color depth to 24 (not 32)
b. very bad hack to disabled App name truncation
3. re-write parts of `extra/genentries`
3. re-write parts of `extra/genentries`:
a. look in more dirs for the icons
b. better SVG to PNG conversion
c. clean ups and fixes
4. added `extra/xlunchr` (installs to /usr/bin/xlunchr)
4. added `extra/xlunchr` (installs to /usr/bin/xlunchr):
a. based on
b. simplified (removed custom config stuff, use `genentries` script instead)
c. added separate `--desktop` mode, which uses `--desktop --dontquit`
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