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......@@ -164,6 +164,16 @@ subtask_end $?;
# (replacing "\t" with a tab character)
### `execute {{command --with arguments}}`
When a command is prefixed with `execute`, it - along with all its arguments - are first printed to the console before being executed. Useful when executing via continuous-integration. Example:
execute node --version;
# Output:
# $ node --version
# v11.2.0
### `check_command "{{binary_name}}" {{subtask}} [optional]`
Automagically checks for the presence of a command. Kills the process with an exit code of `2` if it can't be found. Setting `{{subtask}}` to `true` causes `subtask_begin` / `subtask_end` to be called appropriately - otherwise it's invisible.
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