getpods is a very simple command line podcast client in Python that I made for my personal use

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getpods.py is a very simple command line podcast client in Python, that I made for my personal use.

Usage, configuration

You need a directory for your podcasts, e.g. ~/Podcasts or directly on your mounted media player (like I have). You should make a configuration called ~/.getpods that points to this directory. There should be a file getpods.sample.conf distributed together with this script that you can copy to ~/.getpods and modify.

In the podcast_dir directory, create a file called urls which contains one line for each podcast feed with the following format:

# comments preceeded by hash
url directory_name [?]

For example:

# These are my awesome podcast feeds
http://faif.us/feeds/cast-ogg/ faif
http://hackerpublicradio.org/hpr_ogg_rss.php hpr ?

The question mark is for feeds where the program should query about each new episode. Other feeds have new episodes automatically downloaded.


It's a simple Python script, that requires the feedparser and pycurl modules. In Debian this should mean installing the packages python-feedparse and python-pycurl.

Episodes that have been downloaded or otherwise marked as "seen" are registered in a file called "cache" in the podcast_dir.