Commit bb272580 authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

docs: Update ps.1 to warn about command name length

Previous versions of ps used to only match on the first 15 characters
because that's what the kernel used to provide. Newer kernels have a
longer length for this field so procps has been updated to suit.

parent 2658b339
* docs: Use correct symbols for -h option in free.1 Debian #898774
* docs: ps.1 now warns about command name length issue #101
* top: can now exploit 256-color terminals issue #96
* top: preserves 'other filters' in configuration file issue #99
* top: can now collapse/expand forest view children issue #99
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
.\" Quick hack conversion by Albert Cahalan, 1998.
.\" Licensed under version 2 of the Gnu General Public License.
.TH PS 1 2018-05-31 "procps-ng" "User Commands"
.TH PS 1 2018-08-08 "procps-ng" "User Commands"
.\" To render this page:
.\" groff -t -b -man -X -P-resolution -P100 -Tps ps.1 &
......@@ -236,6 +236,10 @@ Identical to
Select by command name. This selects the processes whose executable name is
given in
.IR cmdlist .
NOTE: The command name is not the same as the command line. Previous versions
of procps and the kernel truncated this command name to 15 characters. This
limitation is no longer present in both. If you depended on matching only
15 characters, you may no longer get a match.
.BI \-G \ grplist
Select by real group ID (RGID) or name. This selects the processes whose
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