Commit 941f6bb3 authored by m. allan noah's avatar m. allan noah

remove nonexistant scanners

the fi-6125 and 6135 were never released, though they showed in
some old versions of the windows driver. here, we remove them.
parent b608751b
...@@ -121,12 +121,6 @@ usb 0x04c5 0x119e ...@@ -121,12 +121,6 @@ usb 0x04c5 0x119e
#S1500 & S1500M #S1500 & S1500M
usb 0x04c5 0x11a2 usb 0x04c5 0x11a2
usb 0x04c5 0x11ee
usb 0x04c5 0x11ef
#fi-6140Z/fi-6160ZLA #fi-6140Z/fi-6160ZLA
usb 0x04c5 0x11f1 usb 0x04c5 0x11f1
...@@ -131,12 +131,6 @@ ...@@ -131,12 +131,6 @@
:usbid "0x04c5" "0x116f" :usbid "0x04c5" "0x116f"
:comment "small, recent, discontinued" :comment "small, recent, discontinued"
:model "fi-6125"
:interface "USB"
:status :complete
:usbid "0x04c5" "0x11ee"
:comment "small, recent, discontinued"
:model "fi-6130" :model "fi-6130"
:interface "USB" :interface "USB"
:status :complete :status :complete
...@@ -563,11 +557,6 @@ ...@@ -563,11 +557,6 @@
:status :untested :status :untested
:usbid "0x04c5" "0x14bd" :usbid "0x04c5" "0x14bd"
:model "fi-6225"
:interface "USB"
:status :untested
:usbid "0x04c5" "0x11ef"
:model "ScanSnap iX500EE" :model "ScanSnap iX500EE"
:interface "USB" :interface "USB"
:status :untested :status :untested
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