Commit 7b0a6ecd authored by m. allan noah's avatar m. allan noah

minor tweaks

parent ceb03e36
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ Day 35: Release
Before the release:
* set :new :yes on any new backend .desc files
* Make sure that config.guess and config.sub are up-to-date (get them from
* increase version number
......@@ -54,14 +55,13 @@ Announcing the release:
to rebuild html man pages (see doc/Makefile) (no other version works)
* add md5 sum to sane-md5sum.txt
* check and update platforms page (sane-support.html)
* add announcement (with md5sum) to index.html
* add announcement to index.html
* git commit -a && git push
* ssh
* cd /org/
* ./bin/
* rebuild descriptions.db and descriptions-external.db (see doc/Makefile)
* scp descriptions.db and descriptions-external.db to alioth
put them in /org/
* check that website was updated automatically. if not, see:
* rebuild descriptions.db (see doc/Makefile)
* scp descriptions.db to alioth:
* write announcements sane-devel, maybe others (e.g. freshmeat),
include the md5 hash
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