Commit 37bbbed3 authored by Simon Mudd's avatar Simon Mudd

check-po.awk: Fix minor typos

parent 6bdb2486
......@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@
# This script will (hopefully!) check the completeness of a .po
# translation file. It will report untranslated strings, as well
# as fuzzy ones. It will print a summarry at the end of the check
# as fuzzy ones. It will print a summary at the end of the check
# that says how many strings there are, how many are translated
# (and the percentage it represents), how many are fuzzy (and the
# percentage it represents amongst translated strings), and how
# many aree un-translated (and the percentage it represents).
# many are untranslated (and the percentage it represents).
# It will _not_ tell you wether your file is syntactically correct
# (eg. check for terminating double quotes!). And of course it
# will _not_ tell you wether the translations are correct! ;-]
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