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Added some hints about setting permissions with libusb on Linux 2.6. Removed

some obsolete paragraphs.
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2004-04-02 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
* NEWS: Updated for sane-backends 1.0.14.
* README.linux: Added some hints about setting permissions with
libusb on Linux 2.6. Removed some obsolete paragraphs.
2004-03-29 Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
Information about USB scanners:
With Linux 2.4.* you could either use the kernel scanner module or libusb to
access USB scanners. In Linux 2.6.4 the kernel scanner module was removed.
Therefore with this and later kernels libusb must be used.
While SANE automatically uses libusb when the library and its header file were
present during the build of sane-backends, setting permissions will require
some attention.
The device files used by libusb are located in /proc/bus/usb/
(e.g. /proc/bus/usb/001/003). The exact file name can be found out by running
sane-find-scanner which would print "libusb:001:003" in this case. While
setting permissions with e.g. "chmod a+rw /proc/bus/usb/001/003" seems to work,
this change is not permanent. The permissions will be reset when the scanner is
replugged or Linux is rebooted.
One solution to set permissions on-the-fly are the Linux hot-plug tools that
should come with any current distribution. SANE itsself comes with a hotplug
script and related documentaion in the tools/hotplug/ directory. Please refer to
the README in that directory for the details.
Information about SCSI scanners:
......@@ -84,12 +108,6 @@ about missing SCSI headers.
Other Information
Compilation errors in /usr/include/linux/videodev.h: These errors happen if
there is a link /usr/include/linux -> /usr/src/linux/include/linux. Most
distributions come with their own Linux-specific headers so this link is
ususally not a good idea (and frowned upon by the kernel hackers). As a
workaround, make sure that the link points to a Linux 2.4 kernel (not 2.6).
Excessive warnings "pointer of type `void *' used in arithmetic":
Some older versions of glibc generate these warnings not related to SANE
source code. To suppress these warnings do
......@@ -98,11 +116,6 @@ Excessive warnings "pointer of type `void *' used in arithmetic":
and rerun configure.
Older gcc compilers may abort with error "virtual memory exhausted",
usually in canon.c. Try to compile with lower optimization levels:
make CFLAGS="-g -Wall -O1", make CFLAGS="-g -Wall -O", or
make CFLAGS="-g -Wall".
If you use DEC cc on Linux Alpha, you may need to set LDFLAGS="-N" to
be able to build sane-backends.
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